The Pumpkin Patch Matrix Craw goes to work on schools of redfish

There probably is not an easier time to locate reds than the month of October. Waters clean up, rivers drop and redfish flourish.

While waiting on the speckled trout to settle in, we spend a lot of time chasing reds in shallow duck ponds before duck season starts. River levels are usually at season low numbers and duck ponds near them filter out river water into crystal clear water.

When the water temperatures begin to cool, the redfish begin to herd up like cattle. This is the time of year where when we run into a red in the back of a cove or a slew it is rarely just one, most of the time it is a school of five, 10 or even more.

Another thing we see this time of year is redfish riding the back of stingrays and as you see in this video, sometimes it is entire schools of them.

I know you are probably just as tired of seeing redfish as we are, and are eager to get on some easy speckled trout action, but make it easy on yourself right now and play the hand you are dealt and catch easy schooling reds. Once water temps hit 75 degrees our focus will pivot to trout, so shallow water reds will be safe for a while.

Make sure to watch this awesome Dockside TV using Matrix Craws in a crystal clear pond full of redfish.