Persistent westerly winds make specks tough to find in Hopedale/Delacroix area

But low water does pull redfish out of the marsh, captain says

The persistent west wind for the last several days has dirtied the water and made speck fishing much more difficult in the Hopedale/Delacroix area.

Capt. Gene Dugas with Rather Be Fishing/Hunting Adventures in Hopedale said he would plan on targeting redfish this weekend if the windy coastal forecast holds.

“The problem with the west wind here is the water is low. It’s going to make the tide low, so you have to be careful with the mud flats,” Dugas said.  “The only good thing about it is it usually pulls the redfish out of the marsh into the lakes and bayous, so you can fish all those drains and do pretty decent.”

Live or dead shrimp under a popping cork will be effective for reds, Dugas said.

“Sometimes dead shrimp work better because the water is dirty and they can smell it,” he said.

For targeting redfish during westerly winds, Dugas suggested Four Horse Lake, Lake Amedee, Lake Robin and Bay Lafourche.

“Fish the drains where the water is draining out. When the water is low, the fish won’t usually be right up on the grass,” he said. “They’ll stage a few feet out from the bank at the first drop, maybe eight or ten feet out.

“That’s where the popping cork works perfect to keep the bait in the strike zone.”

If you’re intent on fishing for specks, Dugas suggested live shrimp two-to-three-feet under a popping cork in the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.

“You could go out and fish the rocks in the MRGO,” he said. “That water should be clean along the rocks, and the rocks kind of protect you from the wind.”

The good news is the redfish have been consistent, even during the recent west wind.

“The nice thing is when you’re fishing reds, you’ll catch black drum, sheepshead and every now and then a flounder, so you get a mixed box,” Dugas said. “Kind of like gumbo: a little bit of everything.”

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