Cold weather considerations

Locating winter fish can be challenging, so the last thing you want is to squander an opportunity by allowing the elements to negatively impact your comfort and functional ability. Venice guide Capt. Anthony Randazzo offers these tips to prevent such frustrations.

• Waterproof shoes/boots: “If your feet get wet, you are done. I also suggest heavy wool socks,” he said.

• Layered clothing: Protect your arms, legs and torso with multiple layers and top it off with a fully waterproof layer like Gortex. Bibs and rain jackets work well for fishing.

“This outer waterproof layer will save you over and over even if it’s not raining,” Randazzo said. “All it takes is a rogue wave while underway to send water splashing over your gunwale and soaking the layers that are essential to keeping you warm.

• Protect the extremities: Randazzo suggests a knit hat in place of the standard baseball cap, as a warm head covering is essential for heat retention. And don’t forget an extra pair of warm gloves in case the first pair gets wet.

• Warm thoughts: Hand warmers are nice, but they’re no good when you’re hands are occupied — or are they? Try slipping hand warmers into the top side of your fishing gloves, tuck one into your waist band for lower back heat and into the tops of those winter boots. (If you’re wearing Long Johns or a technical base layer, snugging hand warmers against your thighs keeps the southern hemisphere toasty.)

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