What rod is best for crankbaits?

The biggest argument with crankbait anglers is centered around rod selection. The big question is whether graphite or fiberglass rods are best.

The truth is that each material has advantages and disadvantages.

Graphite rods are more sensitive, stronger and lighter. Anglers who crawl baits through heavy cover use sensitive graphite rods to prevent hang-ups. And for ripping Traps out of grass there is nothing better than a graphite rod.

Also, graphite rods are lighter, which means anglers can chunk big square-bills all day.

Fiberglass rods, on the other hand, are limber. This allows the fish to attack the bait and load up the rod — which translates into better hookups. Glass rods also allow crankbaits to float up and away from cover instead of hanging up.

And when it comes to getting fish in the boat on lures that often have small treble hooks, glass rods have the advantage because the increased flexibility cushions against jumps, runs and directions changes better than graphite.

A great option is looking for a rod that offers the advantages of graphite and glass.

“A composite rod that is a medium action but has some back bone is best for ripping baits out of the grass,” said Templet. “If the rod is too stiff, the fish will pull free or the angler will rip the bait away from the fish.”

The bottom line for anglers using crankbaits is to invest in a crankbait rod. Rods specifically designed to throw crankbaits are well worth the money.

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