Guided through the grass

At the Bassmaster Classic in Tulsa, Okla., the Fan Expo saw TWA Sports introduce an interesting new product with strong potential to benefit anglers fishing grassy areas.

The Weed Guard is a conical plastic cap that fits over the head of most any worm or soft plastic to serve as an escort and a bodyguard. Smooth grass penetration, weedless operation, and less wear and tear are the benefits.

Made of medical-grade silicone, the Weed Guard fits snugly against the soft plastic to create a single profile. With a narrow leading end, the rig glances off cover and crawls across objects smoothly with practically no hang-ups.

Interior space accommodates a bullet weight, but TWA is working on a weighted version.

To rig the Weed Guard, push the nylon threader (included) through the hole — bottom-to-top — run your line through the threader and pull it back through the Weed Guard — just like threading a needle.

Tie the line to your hook, add the soft plastic bait and then snug the Weed Guard against the bait’s head, where internal threads ensure a solid fit.

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