Catching Bass on Cypress Trees with Greg Hackney

Season 6, Episode 1

This episode of Sportsman TV will be sure to get bass fanatics fired up for the spawning season. Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney and Gator Tail owner Kyle Broussard got together for a fishing trip in the Atchafalaya Basin and despite less than ideal conditions, the duo put together a nice bag and a very informative show.

“We like to kick every season off fishing in The Atchafalaya Basin” Hackney explains “I think a lot of people are already fishing the basin when we start airing in March and hopefully we can help them out”. While the Atchafalaya is in South Louisiana, the techniques Hackney uses in this episode can be replicated throughout the country in similar places. “Everything you will see in this episode, you can do on your home lake or river certain times of year” said Hackney.

The key to success for the show was finding the right group of cypress trees in one of the Atchafalaya’s larger lakes. With so many trees to choose from, Greg and Kyle had to fish their way to areas where fish were grouped up. Every so often they would find a group of trees that was holding a few fish. They would go long stretches without finding any fish and then one group would have 2-3 fish on them. Hackney suspects the difference in that group of trees could have been the type of water bottom. He details his thoughts in the episode.

The bait of the day was by far the Strike King 3/8 oz Hack Attack Select spinnerbait. In the episode Hackney details which colors to use and what blades he likes best.