Bill Lewis Lures’ Scope Stik

New jerkbait catches chunks and is easy to spot on electronics

A well-known Louisiana bass angler appreciates the exciting features of a new artificial lure introduced in July by a nationwide brand with its home in the Sportsman’s Paradise.

Cliff Crochet of Pierre Part proudly touts the Bill Lewis Lures’ Scope Stik, a jerkbait he’ll fish with extensively this winter and early spring wherever his bass fishing trips take him as a pro bass angler. He’s partial to jerkbaits with a lot of movement that work in 4- to 6-foot depths.

“Yeah, that jerkbait gets a lot of bites. I notice the jerkbait catches chunks. I love it. You go to twitch it and he’s on it. That’s the fun bite,” Crochet said after his sponsor’s introduction of the Scope Stik, which features pronounced, flattened sides and a lip design that makes it turn hard and flash sideways for easy detection on forward-facing sonar.

In early October, Crochet discussed how he’ll catch bass on it in winter and early spring. The Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour veteran and four-time qualifier for the Bassmaster Classic was relaxing during the offseason, a period that included coaching a youth football team.

Seek deep water

With water temps in the lower 30s to 50s, he’ll seek out deeper water where more fish suspend in the winter. A vertical, steep break in a reservoir is ideal, whether its 20-feet deep on a channel swing bank or 12- to 20-feet on a point.

“Anything that leads to deeper water in an area,” he said.

As for using it around home while fishing the Atchafalaya Basin or Lake Verret, according to the personable pro, the deepest water in a canal or bayou might be around 4-feet deep, so that’s where he’ll chunk the Scope Stik. Also, he said, it’s effective around deadfalls, boat ramps and isolated rocks.

In the spring, the prespawn months, Crochet plans to use it as part of a “one-two” punch with a Bill Lewis Lures Rat-L-Trap. For example, if he catches three bass on a Trap while rounding a point, he’ll come back over it with the Scope Stik.

Treble trouble

Armed with three treble hooks, Scope Stiks are available in two sizes — 3.9 inches and 4.7 inches — and six models to fit a wide range of depths. The Scope Stik 100 has a floating model and a suspending model. The Scope Stik 120 offers a deeper suspending model — 7- to 10-foot depths — and a sinking model — 7- to 10-foot plus depths.

Crochet’s favorite colors are translucent for clear water, orange/gold and “Clown.” A big fan of red Bill Lewis Lures Rat-L-Traps, he can’t wait to try a new color Bill Lewis Lures offers that resembles Rayburn red.

Crochet casts the Scope Stik with a KastKing Speed Bassinator Elite loaded with KastKing Cover Flourcocarbon 12-pound line. The reel is a 7-foot-3 KastKing Spirale Moderate Casting Rod.

Crochet welcomed the Scope Stik’s arrival as did Alabama MLF BPT pro Mark Daniels Jr, who is also on the Lewis Pro Team.

“The new Scope Stik is a bait that we’ve needed in the lineup for years,” Daniels said. “We’ve finally developed it and it’s flat-out amazing.

“The action on this bait is second to none as it jumps left to right, as well as up and down. It’s truly unlike any other jerkbait I’ve ever seen. With its pronounced, flattened sides it shows up so well on my LiveScope. This is going to be a huge player for me on tour.”

For more information on the Bill Lewis Lures Scope Stik and other company fishing products, go to or call  877-269-8490.

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