911 Custom Lures hidden-weight spinnerbait

High quality, compact sized spinnerbait from 911 Custom Lures

The 911 Custom Lures hidden-weight spinnerbait features hand-tied skirting that hides a portion of the lure’s weight. Unlike traditional spinnerbaits that cram all the weight into the head, the hidden-weight version moves much of the weight toward the center of the lure, offering a more natural action in the water. When pausing the retrieve, this lure falls like a true baitfish rather than helicoptering downward like most bladed lures.

Available in a wide range of colors, 911 Custom Lures out of Lexington, N.C. will customize the lure for you in whatever color combination you desire.

With its BOSS Outdoors black nickel lightwire frame, this compact-sized spinnerbait offers great vibration. The high end swivels, blades and hand tied skirts set this lure apart from the mass-produced spinnerbaits on the market.

For more info, visit: 911customlures.com

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