Speckled trout at the Great Wall of Chalmette

There’s only one way to know when this annual hot spot turns on, and that’s to go! Enjoy as we catch a good box of speckled trout (and “undisclosed” largemouth bass) in this latest video upload.

The “Great Wall” of Chalmette is no secret. It’s huge, easily found on maps and impossible to miss when on the water.

And, for several reasons, speckled trout find it to be an excellent feeding ground during the fall and winter months.

In fact, the fishing can be so good that dozens of boats can catch fish there, and have in years past.

But that’s the problem: so many boats crowd the area and make for tough fishing.

So the key to catching speckled trout there (and there’s more than one key) is to go give it a try before the word gets out.

Otherwise, by the time you hear about it on Facebook the best of the speckled trout action has already come and gone.

Devin Denman is an avid inshore fisherman who writes the Louisiana Fishing Blog. To read more of his articles, visit lafishblog.comTo check out more of his videos, visit his YouTube page Louisiana Fishing Blog

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