Catching trout out of the river silt in Delacroix

One thing I often learn when I am out trout fishing, is that I don’t know enough. For instance, looking only in clean water for speckled trout is not always the key to success.

We ventured down to Delacroix to fish in water that looks like it recently came out of the Mississippi River. I have not fished for trout in Delacroix for a few years, partly because of the river water influence. The water today was holding a lot of suspended silt, but it was surprisingly higher in salinity, so it was freshwater mixing with gulf water. The speckled trout were loving the abundance of croakers and shrimp in that turbid water, and we caught some beautiful fish in the 2-3 year old class.

I have been hearing people say that the trout were late arriving at Grand Isle and Brenton Sound this year. The big female trout were overstaying their holiday in the Delacroix marsh today for sure! A number of the largest trout were bursting with very full egg sacks, but the water salinity was only 5 ppt. In my mind they should have been 20 miles south of this spot and getting ready to spawn in high salinity water. Maybe the crazy spring 2021 weather has them in the marsh looking for protection, but I just hope they don’t mess up their first spawn of 2021.

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