Bass Fishing

Night Bite

The towering thunderheads to the south were beginning to intermittently glow a dazzling bright orange color reminiscent of a carpet of bombs exploding in the wake of a passing B-52 Bomber. […]


The Golden Ring has hidden gems

The vast wild region that extends some 250 miles in all directions from West Yellowstone, Mont., is home to snow-capped mountains, rolling ridges and valleys draped with towering trees and golden meadows, high desert plains with stark buttes that shoot into the sky, geysers, waterfalls and the widest variety of flora and fauna found in North America. […]


Snapper Symmetry

Capt. Aaron Pierce was waiting at the dock when we arrived. Daylight was peeking over the horizon, and our steed for the day, a 26-foot Glacier Bay Catamaran, reflected the early morning light. […]



These didn’t look ANYTHING like pick-box draftees. None wore the battered sneakers and long-sleeved work shirt. None wore that huge straw sombrero and baggy pantaloons. None looked like Edith Bunker or Phyllis Diller. No, the sight of these had us RIVETED. […]


O’Steen Offshore

It’s difficult to imagine an offshore fisherman who goes on an overnight fishing trip every doable weekend for four or five months being called “soft” or “a wuss,” but that’s what Dr. Russell O’Steen gets for finally admitting he’s reached the point where he no longer “goes regardless.” […]