Behind the Line

When Chris Paul pulls up from beyond the three-point line to drain a shot, his effort is rewarded with one more point than he would have made had his feet been in front of the line.[…]


Yellow Fever

Most people shudder at the though of catching yellow fever. The dreaded disease, which is contracted from infected mosquitos, was last recorded in New Orleans in 1905.[…]


Bull-red run corresponds with spawn

Beginning in August and extending into October is the annual “bull-red run.” During this time, most of Louisiana’s passes and channels into the Gulf of Mexico will witness the twinkling of lights from anglers’ boats as they fish the nighttime hours for the bronze-skinned, heavyweight sluggers.[…]


Scratching that Redfish Itch

In one fluid motion, I made a cast toward the little trenasse that emptied into the canal we were fishing, located just past the mouth of Mosquito Bayou on the northeast side of Mosquito Bay.

Also in fluid motion, I raised my leg in crane-like fashion, and used the top of my foot to itch whatever decided to bite the back of my calf while I wasn’t looking. […]


Pleasure at the Pump

I can remember when a quarter’s worth of gasoline would putt-putt you around the lake all day long. Today, you can’t motor away from the dock on a quarter’s worth of gas.[…]


Huey, Johnny and Eugene

Huey Olivier’s well-equipped World Cat left Cypremort Point shortly after sunrise more than ready for a day of catching big speckled trout at close-in oilfield rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.[…]