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The Circle Rigs

I was wondering the coordinates for the circle rigs out of Belle pass. This is a group of rigs in a circle with numerous artificial reefs made up of old oil rigs and military APC’s. I believe it is approximately 30 miles due south of the pass? […]

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Tides in Louisiana

I regularly get questions about the time and range of the tides in Louisiana coastal marshes. Many of the inquiries are about the time of the published tides from various sources listed as compared to the actual times that the high and low tides occur, and how are they determined. […]

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Turtle Bayou and Orange Grove

Dear Capt. Paul:

I have been the target of several jokes about fishing the Turtle Bayou and Orange Grove fishing area for freshwater fish. My “friends” keep telling me that I would need a very good mapping GPS unit supplemented with aerial or topographical maps to find my way in and out of these area […]