Fishing Hotspots

Seeing red in Venice

There are certain times of the year when the Venice speckled trout fishing is as good as you’ll ever see in Louisiana. But unfortunately for speck diehards, January isn’t one of those months. […]


Treed’s a crowd

The late Jerry Clower may be the only person that coon hunting ever made famous, or vice versa. The “Mouth of Mississippi” won a bushel of country comedy awards and never recorded an album or put on a performance without telling a good coon hunting story.[…]


Ducking Caddo

Dawn was hauntingly beautiful.

No flamboyant sunrise color; rather a suffusion of light through the fog-veiled cypress trees. Todd Hopkins’ and Brandon Garner’s duck calls echoed off the fog as effectively as off a steel wall.[…]


Air power

I had spent a good 30 minutes creeping up on three particularly vigilant cat squirrels. It was late in the season, and even though I was covered head to toe in a leafy Ghillie suit, it was slow going against the hyper-alert critters.[…]

Bass Fishing

Always bet on Black

I’ve got to admit I wasn’t expecting much.

Chad Wiley, a Bassmaster tournament pro from Pineville, asked me to meet him at Joe’s Horseshoe Lake Marina in Monterey.[…]


Delta winter hotspots

Step outside and the chilly winter air stings your nose and ears. What do you do? You grab a jacket, gloves and maybe a neck gaiter. Pretty standard stuff, but fish have no such options. They gotta deal with whatever nature throws their way by being smart and seeking refuge in life-sustaining habitat.[…]