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New gear reviews

Invented years ago by the late Doug Hannon, “The Bass Professor,” Microwave fishing guides are a unique line-control system for spinning rods that reduces the line coiling effect, thereby increasing casting accuracy and distance. The initial stripper guide is where the magic happens. A cone shaped guide-within-a-guide knocks down the line coils that naturally come from casting a spinning reel. […]



For contestants in the CCA STAR Fly Division, June is the best tournament month to catch big trout on a fly. At first light, use large poppers. As the morning progresses, move toward submergent flies such as Seaducers, Deceivers and articulated baitfish patterns. Casting an intermediate sinking line will produce more strikes. […]

Inshore Fishing

Just buy it

It’s tax refund time, and many anglers are thinking about buying their first kayak. If your budget allows, certainly consider purchasing a brand new kayak. Kayak fishing has continued to increase in popularity, and so have the prices for new kayaks. […]

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A tricked out boat

Todd McElveen’s river boat started out life as a 16-foot Xpress welded jon boat. But it didn’t stay that way, getting highly modified to adapt it for use in shallow rivers with a jet drive outboard motor. […]

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Bird brain

So, you pull into a pocket and you want to see it empty, right? Well, if we’re talking other boats, then yes; solitude is golden. However, the right kind of company can be just what you want — and that means birds. […]

Bass Fishing

Ride ‘em, cowboy

Before Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits’ Cowboy soft plastic creature bait was unveiled at the 2018 Bassmaster Classic in South Carolina, a few bass anglers were fortunate to have Ron Colby’s latest creation. […]