Marsh Man Masson vid: Complete beginner rakes in the redfish

Action as easy as it gets right now.

How anyone could leave South Louisiana is unfathomable, but in July, Madisonville’s Amanda Springer will do just that. True love is calling her far north to the Buckeye State, where she’ll shiver and shake for six months of the year.

But before she bugs out, she asked her uncle — me — to put her on some fast fishing action in the South Louisiana marsh. Last week, I happily obliged, and it was a great time to do it. The marshes across the coast are loaded with redfish this year, more than most anglers have seen in decades, and a high percentage of the fish have crossed the 16-inch threshold that makes them legal for harvest in the Bayou State.

We targeted the fish in deep-water bayous using soft-plastic lures on 3/8-ounce jigheads.

Since she has almost no fishing experience, it took Amanda a little while to get the technique down, but once she did, she was yanking fish in almost as fast as she could get a bait in the water. The trip gave her much to reminisce about on those cold Ohio winter mornings, and hopefully something to eventually draw her back to her place of birth.

Watch the video for all the details.

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