Hunters have long been trying to block or camouflage their natural smell from game animals, using scent sprays to camouflage those aromas, storing their hunting clothes in containers that keep them away from unwanted odors or even buying clothes treated with scent blockers. […]

Bass Fishing

G. Loomis E6X

Lightweight, strong, and sensitive. That’s the recipe for a fishing rod that bass anglers strive to find, and it can be elusive, especially when you add affordability into the mix. Or at least it used to be. But the G. Loomis E6X changes that.  […]


Learn to manage hunting pressure

This month, I’m going to touch on a subject that applies to deer hunting with any weapon: managing hunting pressure on your herd. In my opinion, no single factor is more important to your success in terms of seeing and harvesting deer — especially mature bucks.   […]