Get knotty with the FG knot

I recently went out for a half-day with Capt. Matt McCabe  of Pro Edge Fishing out of Slidell. He services Lake Pontchartrain and the surrounding marshes. When I got to the dock to meet him, he was in the middle of tying a bizarre knot between his main line and fluorocarbon leader. […]


A contested matter

Later this month, the Coastal Conservation Association’s summer-long STAR tournament kicks off in Louisiana. Once again, there’s a fly fishing division. Awards will go to the anglers weighing in the heaviest speckled trout in the East and West Divisions. […]

Ask Captain Paul

Tides in Louisiana

I regularly get questions about the time and range of the tides in Louisiana coastal marshes. Many of the inquiries are about the time of the published tides from various sources listed as compared to the actual times that the high and low tides occur, and how are they determined. […]