Bass Fishing

Front Side of March

Bass angler, beware the Ides of March.

Not that you have to look over your shoulder for a group of friends intent on stabbing you 23 times in the back, but for approaching cold fronts that can do enough damage to take you out. […]


Early Trestle Trout

The best way to have a fishing hole all to yourself is to fish it when nobody else is there. If that makes me sound like Captain Obvious, so be it. Sometimes the best advice is the simplest advice. […]

Bass Fishing

Great Expectations

On the morning of March 10, anglers with great expectations will launch on either side at Doiron’s Landing in Stephensville hoping to land a heavy enough bag of bass to make the top 20 cut to fish the second day of the Louisiana Sportsman Open Bass Championship presented by Skeeter and Yamaha. […]

Bass Fishing

Larto’s Other Fish

Twenty-five miles south of Jonesville, Larto Lake is tucked into some of the best backwater fishing in the state. Late winter bass action on Larto, with its oxbow shape, is a jig fisherman’s paradise. […]

Inshore Fishing

High hopes up high

Now, despite the vision advantage, even tower fishing can see its valleys of boredom. Maybe it’s a hot summer day when the fish are holding in deeper, cooler water or hiding under rafts of matted vegetation in the marsh. […]