Winter yak fishing

Wintertime fishing in South Louisiana can be fantastic. The cold weather brings less fishing pressure and concentrates the fish in many areas that are easily accessible to kayak anglers.[…]


Success is all about timing

If you like baseball, then you probably watched the World Series games between the Rangers and the Cardinals. If you did, you saw some excellent hitting — Albert Pujols hitting three homers in a game, Josh Hamilton hitting what Ranger fans thought was the Series winner in Game 6.[…]

Deer of the Year

Tensas Parish trophy killed during hunt that almost didn’t happen

Hunters dream of that one defining hunt, when everything comes together and culminates in a wallhanger to make buddies jealous. Greg Krause’s day came on Nov. 13, but he almost passed the opportunity.

“When I stepped out the camp that morning, I was greeted by temperatures in the 60s, a howling wind and, worst of all, a big, bright full moon shining down on the area,” Krause said. “I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way I’m going to see any deer this morning with that big moon out,’ but then again you can’t kill them from the camp!”[…]


No Lease, No Problem

As we soak our waders into yet another duck hunting season, many of us have already begun to reap the residuals from the productive ponds on our leases, while others have had ample time to allow their sore shooting shoulders to heal after experiencing the great pleasure of bagging the limits that come along with a guided trip.[…]


100 Days

Meet Capt. Steve Smith.

Steve’s an odd duck.

Actually, he’s not odd. He is a pretty normal-looking 52-year-old guy, sandy haired with closely set, intelligent, bright blue eyes.[…]


Pelican Case

Designed as watertight/ crush-resistant armor for iPads, netbooks and tablet computers, the Pelican 1075 HardBack Case will protect just about any sensitive electronic device up to 10 inches from the rigors of travel.[…]