Upland Odd Fellows

Nothing short of an enigma, the woodcock is truly an oddity and always causes a hunt to stop. Following just about every successful shot at a fleeing bird, everyone in the party seemingly has to look over and ponder the features of this strange fellow. It’s inevitable and always happens.[…]

Other Hunting

Best gun chokes, shot sizes

Woodcock hunting is a close-in type of upland bird hunting. Flushes are often directly under foot, particularly when pointing dogs are involved. Therefore, open chokes such as improved cylinder or even skeet are best utilized.[…]


No Lease, No Problem

As we soak our waders into yet another duck hunting season, many of us have already begun to reap the residuals from the productive ponds on our leases, while others have had ample time to allow their sore shooting shoulders to heal after experiencing the great pleasure of bagging the limits that come along with a guided trip.[…]

Inshore Fishing

Hopedale Front

Weather cycles pretty much make the fishing world go round in South Louisiana. The same cold fronts ­— along with the waning photoperiod — that drive speckled trout inland and the masses of white shrimp out also serve to sometimes violently flush the marsh when strong north winds make their way through the coastline.[…]

Deer Hunting

Right rifle

There are a myriad of rifle options for deer hunting, and everyone has their favorite. What likely ranks at the bottom of the list of most of today’s hunters would be the lowly .30-30.[…]