The Fall of Fall

Luke Landry’s favorite color is green. It is the color of money and of envy, but more importantly to Landry, it is the color the lower Mississippi River gets this time of year.[…]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Teal opener looks promising

It’s looking like the opening weekend is going to be a wet one according to local forecasts from Sabine to Slidell, but that’s not going to stop legions of long-suffering duck hunters from taking to the fields and marshes.[…]


Shock and Awe

Passing over the Calumet Bridge that crosses the Wax Lake Outlet spillway, I glanced south. In the wee hours of the morning, close to the end of the graveyard shift, white stern lights dotted the waterway like the string on a plumb-line as far as the eye could see.[…]


Top 3 for Deer

To raise trophy deer, you need to establish a long-term land-management program, including plans for supplemental feeding, green-field planting, protecting younger age-class bucks and maintaining your herd under the carrying capacity of the land.[…]


Finally Fall!

Few things in the Louisiana coastal fishing arena can match the fall and winter speckled trout run. The problem lies in the timing of such an event. Myriad factors go into exactly when the fish turn on, whether it’s catching them in the passes during years of a low Mississippi River or in the surrounding bays when the Big Muddy swells.[…]


2009-10 WMA Forecast

Talk to the experts, and a hunter can come away with a comfortable feeling he has a reasonable chance to harvest deer, rabbits, squirrel, waterfowl, doves, turkey and feral hogs in one or more public hunting areas within a reasonable driving distance of his home in the Sportsman’s Paradise.[…]