Bass Fishing

Little Lake Syndrome

One of my platoon sergeants when I was in the Army stood maybe 5 1/2 feet tall after putting on his boots. At first glance, there wasn’t much to this fellow, a Fiat on a freeway full of Ford trucks.

However, it didn’t take me long to learn that there was more to this man than met the eye after he picked me up from my initial processing into my new assignment at Baumholder, Germany.

Little dog syndrome, little man syndrome — whatever you want to call it, my new boss for two years had it. Whatever he was lacking in size, he tried to cover up by physically asserting his presence, and he was good at it. […]


Size limits for crappie not always good

Hotspots come and go in fisheries management. Several things drive management controversy. One is that fishermen are very passionate about their pursuit, and like with other things that arouse passions, a lot of folks adopt the position of being an expert on what they love so much. […]


What happened on the Red River

I finished in 20th place on the Red River in the 2009 Bassmaster Classic. I completely misread what the bass were doing. Since I assumed the male bass were preparing the nests, and the females hadn’t come in to spawn yet, my game plan was to fish the deeper water where I thought the bigger female bass were holding and not fish the shallow water. […]

Bass Fishing

Wacky and Weighty

It may look like you’ve snagged a piece of debris, or maybe you forgot to reset your bait after the last strike, but the truth about wacky rigs is undeniable — these seemingly random arrangements catch fish when many other lures fail to impress picky bass. […]