Bass Fishing

Roll Reversal

Perhaps Rodney Dangerfield didn’t get any respect because he acted in a way that wasn’t deserving of respect. As most anybody in a leadership position will tell you, respect has to be earned rather than demanded. […]


Central Line

The hotspots for speckled trout fishing seem to be fairly well-known. The marshes of Terrebonne, Lafourche, Jefferson and St. Bernard parishes have oodles of trout, mostly modest-sized but making up in number for what they lack in size. […]


The Secret is Safe

Extreme Southwest Louisiana has a secret that it doesn’t want you to tell. You see, while lines of anglers wait to launch their bay boats into the fertile waters of Calcasieu Lake, there is an equally productive lake not too far away where it’s more common to see a lonely loon than it is lots of loony anglers. […]


Flounder Funnel

I’ve been known to drive quite a few miles to get on a good flounder bite. That’s why I immediately picked up my cell phone when I saw a recent picture on the fishing report page at […]