Inshore Fishing

Trout slamming tandem rigs at Ship Shoal

125, 125, and 75… that’s the count for Captain Marty LaCoste of Absolute Fishing Charters (985-856-4477) the last three days. Speckled trout have invaded the nearshore rigs below Bayou DuLarge big time in the last week or so, and anglers are catching them two at a time.[…]


Down and Dirty

You could’ve read a newspaper, the moon was so bright. The nearly full orb floated in the western sky, and illuminated the marshes of extreme upper Plaquemines Parish with remarkably powerful light.[…]


The Tuna Teachers

Do you believe the economy is bad just because somebody on TV tells you it is? Or do you find yourself financially flourishing when you are supposed to be suffering?[…]


Panacea or Problematic? Part II

Before discussing the technical aspects of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council’s Generic Offshore Aquaculture Amendment, it may be useful to look at world fisheries trends and why offshore aquaculture is even being considered.[…]