A Taste of Spring

“You cast that bait right over that reef, and I guarantee a fish,” said Buras fishing guide John L. Taylor, pointing his 7-foot Shimano V-series rod toward a small spit of land near a sun and rain-scrubbed white PVC pipe leaning at a 60-degree angle. […]


Coastal Killers

“There’s somebody back there!” Eddie hissed, spraying me with whiskey spittle as he pointed a gloved finger behind the duck blind. “I’ve been hearing them all morning.” His eyes were wild. His lips quivered. “SEE!….. Hear THAT?!” […]

Bass Fishing

Trappin’ Trees

Louisiana and the number ranking in a national list, the Saints and the playoffs, boiled crawfish and milk — it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these things just don’t go together.

Yeah, you may come across a dubious list that has Louisiana ranked at the top of some bad-news category. The Saints may even make the playoffs a couple of times every 30 years or so, and you may see a child having to drink milk while eating boiled crawfish. But other than that, never the two shall meet.


Stealth Bombers

The sky was gray with low, mid-winter clouds, but the speckled trout action quickly made us forget the raw morning chill. Our fishing guide was trying to shake off a cold he had recently come down with, and brought my Dad and me to his No. 1 spot first thing in the marsh east of Bayou Lafourche. […]