Coastal Killers

“There’s somebody back there!” Eddie hissed, spraying me with whiskey spittle as he pointed a gloved finger behind the duck blind. “I’ve been hearing them all morning.” His eyes were wild. His lips quivered. “SEE!….. Hear THAT?!” […]

Bass Fishing

Trappin’ Trees

Louisiana and the number ranking in a national list, the Saints and the playoffs, boiled crawfish and milk — it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these things just don’t go together.

Yeah, you may come across a dubious list that has Louisiana ranked at the top of some bad-news category. The Saints may even make the playoffs a couple of times every 30 years or so, and you may see a child having to drink milk while eating boiled crawfish. But other than that, never the two shall meet.


Stealth Bombers

The sky was gray with low, mid-winter clouds, but the speckled trout action quickly made us forget the raw morning chill. Our fishing guide was trying to shake off a cold he had recently come down with, and brought my Dad and me to his No. 1 spot first thing in the marsh east of Bayou Lafourche. […]

Bass Fishing

Clearance Sale

These young guns coming up on the competitive bass fishing scene have so much technology and information at their fingertips. That could be the main reason they are successful so often when their boats hit the water and the fishing rods are put on deck. […]


Frozen Fish on the Flats

For once, the cursed weathermen were right.

My fishing buddy, Perry Frey, and I opted to spend last Mardi Gras with our families at his camp in Delacroix rather than waving our hands in the air for trinkets along Veterans Boulevard. We figured it would be a lot more fun to fight speckled trout than drunken mobs. […]

Ask Captain Paul

Sun damages GPS display screen

Capt. Paul:

I inadvertently left my hand-held GPS unit in my car on the dashboard near the windshield. It was there about five hours in the middle of the day and in the sun. When I picked up the unit, it was hot to the touch. When I turned it on, there were heavy black parallel horizontal lines across different sections of the screen. These lines stayed there regardless what different screen I selected. What happened, and can I correct it?

Ralph P.
Tampa, Fla. […]