Bass find new soft plastics Yum-my

Tube jigs, those nondescript-looking soft plastics that have taken bass fishing by storm, aren’t the same any longer after what one manufacturer has done. The tube jig and other soft plastics the manufacturer is putting out smell.

The combination makes it a favorite in many anglers’ books, whether they fish for money or for pleasure, or for both, according to the manufacturer. The smell drives bass wild, a company spokesman said as the line of smelly soft plastics was introduced recently.

It’s on the shelves and in the water around the country.

PRADCO Outdoor Brands has replaced its popular Riverside soft plastics brand with the new Yum Baits, all injected with Yum’s Live Prey Technology (LPT) attractant. According to PRADCO, a plastic worm is no longer just a plastic worm: “If you want to start a feeding frenzy, use Yum with LPT. Why? Because everything else is dead.”

Alton Jones, a five-time qualifier for the BASSMasters Classic, understands what Yum Baits are all about after consistently fishing with them in 2002. He realizes that because water is 800 times more dense than air, odors remain suspended for a much longer time. A fish’s chemoreceptor organs are used constantly to detect odors from possible food sources and also serve as protection from negative odors.

Enter Yum Baits and LPT.

“In muddy water, Yum will actually help bass find your lure. Bass have a very keen sense of smell. Both at night and in muddy water, Yum will help bass find your lure. When fishing out of the back of the boat, you will catch fish when your partner can’t,” Jones said.

“Soft plastics are basically slow-moving baits. Fish have time to examine your lure before they make the decision to eat it. Yum lures give me several extra bites a day when fishing is tough. As a pro fisherman, figuring out how to catch one extra bass a day ends up at the end of the year as thousands of extra dollars to my family.”

Chris Gulstad, public relations director for PRADCO Outdoor Brands, said Yum is a secret ingredient in all Yum brand soft plastics and that it starts a feeding frenzy because it has natural shad enzymes, plus salt impregnation for added fish attracting power.

It’s called Live Prey Technology, he said. Yum simulates the release of live baitfish enzymes, which trigger feeding habits of bass and other game fish, he said.

Why? University research studies show that injured or distressed baitfish give off recognizable enzymes that ring the dinner bell for predatory game fish, he said.

Also, Gulstad said, extensive laboratory research shows that after a fish strikes a Yum product, it will hold on to it longer than other soft plastics.

With that in mind, PRADCO introduces the Yum Garrett Mega Tube named after accomplished pro bass fisherman Doug Garrett. No one knows an oversized tube like Garrett, who has been designing them for more than a dozen years and used them to win back-to-back BASSMaster MegaBucks tournaments with his own Mega Tubes.

Garrett, who launched the flipping tube craze with those back-to-back wins, said his soft plastic tube improved with the addition of Yum.

“How do you improve perfection? In my opinion, you add the best fish attractant on the market to it,” Garrett said. “The best tube on the market just got better with the addition of Yum attractant to the already popular Garrett Mega Tube.”

The Yum Garrett Mega Tube is available in 3- and 4-inch sizes and 18 colors, including june bug, Carolina pumpkin, watermelon seed, pumpkin pepper/green flake, black/blue flake, and black/neon.

Among the manufacturer’s other soft plastics are the Yum Craw Bug, Yum Wooly Hawgtail creature bait, and Yum Vibra King ribbed tube.

For more information on Yum Baits, call 479-782-8971, or log on to

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