June 2013 - Volume 33, Number 6


Many couples can’t work together, but this Grand Isle husband-and-wife team have great working relationship — and put their clients on tons of trout. Here are their secrets.

It wasn’t even 6:45 a.m. and the Bellanger fishing team had boated 20 speckled trout. They were anchored on a submerged, eroded island on the west side of Barataria Waterway within easy sight of Grand Isle.

Think a 6-inch topwater is a big lure? You should check out the massive lures this Chalmette angler uses to catch monster bass, along with reds and trout.

The thought was first planted in Mike Herrmann’s mind back a few years ago while on a bass-fishing trip. It was one of those occasions when something important happened, something that rang an inner bell and registered deep in his memory, only to have that memory fall asleep until another similar incident awakened it.

Spinnerbaits leverage flash and thump to produce big bass bites. Here are some thoughts on how to customize your bladed lures to get the most out of them.

Flashy appearance and bold profile may define the spinnerbait’s basic appeal, but there’s a lot of room for tactical tweaking and creative development — particularly with the blade setup.

Recreational shrimp trawling is not as popular as it once was — but it is still just as much fun.

It was opening day of the 2012 trawling season for the east bank, and I had arrived a little early at the boat launch. As I sat on my tailgate in the darkness, waiting for my host for the day to arrive, my mind began to drift back to the days in the 1970s and ’80s when the opening day of shrimp season was one of the most-sacred events of the year for many of us — maybe only second to the opening day of duck season.

Raccoon Island’s front-side beach gets hammered by anglers looking for big trout, but the beach on the north side of the spit of sand holds lots of fish without the parade of boats.

Fishing the islands means different things to Louisiana speckled trout connoisseurs. Masses of pulverized shell, thick spartina grass rimmed by hidden oyster reefs and even near-perfect circles of roseau cane all have their place in different areas along the coast for anglers to hoist healthy yellowmouths over the gunnels.

Intimidated by thick grass beds? That’s where big bass live, and drawing strikes requires some aggressive tactics

Folks often say that there’s a fine line between lunacy and brilliance, between foolishness and valor. Well, an equally thin margin separates the “Aw shucks!” and “Oh boy!” moments of bass fishing.

Redfish prowl the entire Louisiana coastline, the waters of Bayou Lamoque and Cox Bay near Empire provide almost virgin territory.

Eddie popped his cork, pointed toward the shoreline with his rod, and blurted, “Looks like that otter’s interested in my cork! Food must be scarce for him around here!”

Bayou Teche is one of the most-peaceful settings in South Louisiana, and offers some great padding opportunities. And it’s loaded with fish just waiting to interrupt your peaceful day.

The balsawood float sailed through the air like a bullet with purpose to the predetermined target making a sploosh as it hit the water.

Great info if you're planning to squeeze in a trip during the 3-day federal season

Editor's Note: The three-day federal red snapper season in the Gulf of Mexico opens this Thursday, June 1. This article from the Louisiana Sportsman archives originally ran in June of 2013, but still has great info if you're planning on making a trip this week.

Few things are prettier to the uninitiated than that of a swarm of red snapper appearing in the clean, green water off the Louisiana coast.

Follow the lead of these anglers, and you’ve got the inside track to a new boat during the 2013 STAR.

The 2013 Coastal Conservation Association STAR tournament kicks off this month, and if you plan on fishing at all this summer, you’re taking a big risk by not entering.

Redfish action in the Biloxi Marsh is so good this time of year, why would you ever make it your plan B?

Because the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are the exact opposite of ours here in the Northern Hemisphere, their hurricanes occur when our tropics are as calm as a bottle of Valium.

Find the nearest grass bed to snatch chunky bass into your boat this month, while specks are waiting along the coast.