African Pompano

African pompano (alectis ciliaris) are saltwater fish that are usually caught in deep, offshore water around wrecks and artificial reefs. […]


Pompano: The glamour fish

Some fish are work horses: They’re strong and can pull heavy loads all day. That’s a redfish. Others are race horses. They are sleek and fast, but poop out quickly — that’s a speckled trout. […]

Creature Feature

Where have all the pompano gone?

It was January 1965 and the Louisiana Conservationist, the official voice of the Louisiana Wild Life (yes that’s the way it was spelled then — Wild Life, not Wildlife) and Fisheries Commission, led off with an article on Louisiana’s wonderful winter offshore fishery.  […]

Inshore Fishing

Pompano Platforms

We arrived at Doc’s French Quarter bungalow elegantly early only to find the place already packed.

“Geezum,” snorted Pelayo at Fontaine. “I thought you said it was an exclusive affair this year?”

“This isn’t the half of it,” replied Doc. “Heck, half the guests already went down the street to Nick Scramuzza’s place. ‘Middle-Aged Housewives Gone Wild’ they’re calling the show down there. We’ll probably see all our friends’ wives on YouTube soon.”


Pompano Purists

Perhaps no fish off of the Louisiana coast is more of a mystery than the Florida pompano, especially considering the regard it holds in fine dining establishments across the nation. […]