Closed Factory?

Jackson-Bienville is one of the oldest wildlife management areas in the state, and has had one of the most liberal deer harvest programs in the state, which makes some believe that this deer factory is out of deer. […]

Events & Announcements

Draft EPA permit opens Pandora’s box of compliance problems for boaters

ALEXANDRIA , VA , July 1, 2008 – In response to a federal court order, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a draft permit for millions of recreational vessels for “normal operational discharges” that could open a Pandora’s box of compliance problems and unfairly subject recreational boaters – including those who own canoes and kayaks – to potential nuisance lawsuits. […]


Crash Landing

Twenty minutes into a 50-minute plane ride at the end of a five-day grizzly bear hunting trip, Jody Vaccarella of Franklin quit thinking about the wondrous sights he’d just seen in the unspoiled wilderness of Alaska. […]


Special Sportsman

Don’t read any further unless you want to eliminate all your reasons for not achieving greatness. Clay Dyer’s motto, “If I can, you can,” will do away with your excuses for not becoming whatever you desire in life. […]


Fresh & Exciting

The speed of the man’s dissertation was positively stunning. We hadn’t even ordered at the Orange, Texas, Waffle House, and Capt. Skip James (409-886-5341) was in his element, giving me the lowdown on the trip on which we were about to embark.

Flounder biological information, historical catches, feeding habits, basic techniques, advanced techniques, they were all there, being spewed rapid-fire in response to a simple statement: “So, what have you got planned for us today?”

Howard Hammonds of Old Bayside Bait Co. — never one to back down from a conversation — just ducked his head into a menu and smiled, knowing what must be going through my head. […]

Bass Fishing

Black Magic

You step off the LAB aircraft after a 4 1/2-hour flight from Miami to Manaus, and are surrounded with fishermen — the long the short and the tall, all wearing hats that proclaim their quarry. They’re here for tucunare’— the fabulous peacock bass of the Amazon basin. […]


September Mallards

Well, many thought my buddy Cal Fontenot and I were crazy to take on such an adventure. Besides, who just jumps in their truck and drives to another country in the hopes of killing ducks without making the first phone call, knowing anyone, or going through an outfitter (not that we could afford one)? […]