Pass a good time

As editor of BASSMASTER magazine, James Hall can send an e-mail, select a cover picture and edit a sentence all while on the phone assigning a story to a free-lance writer.

But he’s never had his hands full like he did on a recent trip to Venice. […]


Upper Management

It had been raining for several days, but my hunting partner and I were undeterred.

We had been chosen to participate in the first managed hunt on Buckhorn Wildlife Management Area, and we were determined to score. […]


Red Snapper Resurgence?

Red snapper fishing, which has been slower-than-expected all summer long, is now drawing to a close. The season ends Oct. 31, and will not reopen until April 21, 2004.

The season so far has been described as “lackluster,” “disappointing,” and “$%$&^#@,” depending on who you asked.


Pushepatapa Pumpkinseeds

Pushepatapa Creek has been designated a wild and scenic river by the state of Louisiana. I now know why. The first time its cool, clear water swirled around my feet, I found that I had entered a completely different world. […]


Pit Stops

Although he was under near-constant investigation for misappropriation of state funds, Huey P. Long did use some of that money like it was meant to be used by paving nearly 3,000 miles of roads and giving free books to students throughout the state. […]


Gray Days

Every hunter has a specialty.

He may hunt for everything from antelopes to zebras, but there’s one animal that holds his fancy more than the rest. […]


The Fish Empire

Plaquemines Parish fishing has received an incredible amount of exposure the past few years, but there’s an often over-looked jumping-off spot that many anglers whiz by — often as fast as possible while holding their breath or breathing through their mouth on the way to Buras and Venice. […]


Anglers need sensitivity training too

The sensitivity control on a fish-finder is a lot like the volume adjustment on a radio. Both control the amount of amplification applied to received signals, and neither have any control over the amount of power that is transmitted to them. […]


New concealed-carry gun is Para perfect

President Theodore Roosevelt declared the Philippine Insurrection to be put down and ended on July 4, 1902. The police action, designed to retain United States sovereignty over the Philippine Islands, had begun with Filipino rebels in 1899 after cessation of the island chain and the island of Guam by Spain after the Spanish-American War. The Treaty of Paris in 1898 awarded those Spanish holdings to the United States, and granted independence to Cuba, where the war was fought and won. […]


Effective Rattlin’ Chub Rigs easy to use

A Tennessee angler is one of many who have become addicted to using Rattlin’ Chub Rigs made by ReAction Lures in Many.

The Styrofoam cork/wire/beads/leader/hook combination has been out on the market for about three months now. The Tennessee man — proving how popular saltwater fishing is among out-of-staters who love to fish speckled trout and redfish along our coast — has kept the mail-order business busy over the summer. […]


Vote yes three times for state’s coast

Senators and representatives, who have to go to the voters every certain number of years and ask for their jobs back, are necessarily influenced by public opinion. Because of that, they state, almost unanimously, that correspondence they receive from their constituents voicing support for or opposition to a particular cause is powerful. Each phone call, letter or e-mail represents the beliefs of a thousand, most politicians say. […]


On the Clock

The day had aged by only about 15 minutes when the buck appeared about 40 yards from the stand.

“It had been raining the two days before, so it was wet,” Cliff Hampton said. “I never heard him.”