The FUMI ChumRag is a super absorbent microfiber hand towel that can be clipped anywhere. From fishing, to camping, to grilling, to golfing, the ChumRag gives you a convenient, dry place to clean your hands […] […]


Lunkers at Larto Lake in May

Larto Lake, located south of Vidalia in Catahoula Parish, is an old Mississippi oxbow lake. I like to fish here because I can stay at the Honey Brake Lodge near Jonesville, one of the best duck-hunting spots in the nation. At this lake, you can combine a duck-hunting trip with a great bass or crappie-fishing trip in the winter. […]


River Worm is just like the real thing

Just in time for the bream fishing bonanza in Louisiana, which my wife June and I love to indulge in along the West Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee’s borrow pits in May, comes a package of soft-plastic earthworms from Lunkerhunt. […]


Spawning Specks

The winter was long and hard. The images of decoying ducks and rutting bucks had long since passed, and thoughts of warm spring days on the open coast and large yellow mouths were only promises until today. […]


Anglers catch lots of catfish at Belle Isle

George Dupuy flipped his rod tossing out a double drop-rig with a couple of nightcrawlers impaled to a pair of 1/0 hooks. The angler attentively watched his line drift downstream with the current making sure it didn’t tangle in his partner’s line, until it came to a stop. […]


Lake Verret a May bream hotspot

The gals gasped and giggled as Doc and Trisha’s Mediterranean cruise pictures flashed on the screen. And on his new mega-screen TV at his Bourbon Street bungalow, they were indeed impressive — especially the one of Trisha “wade-fishing” in Rome’s Trevi fountain. […]


An old Revelation brings success on a turkey hunt

I could not hunt the opening day of the 2010 turkey season due to an obligation to teach a deer hunting and management seminar in Alexandria. Definitely poor planning on the staff that organized this outdoor event,
but since retirement allows one to hunt whenever, I agreed to do it. […]


Yellowfins: Cold as a fish — or not?

Yellowfin tuna have become one of the more important recreational and commercial fish species in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Their growth in popularity seemed to come from nowhere. For example, prior to 1985, there were no commercial landings for the species in the state as far back as records were kept. By 1988, commercial landings were over 12 million pounds. […]