The FUMI ChumRag is a super absorbent microfiber hand towel that can be clipped anywhere. From fishing, to camping, to grilling, to golfing, the ChumRag gives you a convenient, dry place to clean your hands and tools. […]


Spawning Specks

The winter was long and hard. The images of decoying ducks and rutting bucks had long since passed, and thoughts of warm spring days on the open coast and large yellow mouths were only promises until today. […]


Lake Verret a May bream hotspot

The gals gasped and giggled as Doc and Trisha’s Mediterranean cruise pictures flashed on the screen. And on his new mega-screen TV at his Bourbon Street bungalow, they were indeed impressive — especially the one of Trisha “wade-fishing” in Rome’s Trevi fountain. […]