Garmin catches up (and then some)

Garmin is bringing its down- and side-scanning sonar technology to the marine electronics market, calling them DownVü and SideVü. You can expect near-picture-quality views of the fresh- or saltwater world beneath and off to both sides of your boat like those you’ve been seeing on the screens of other manufacturers’ units.[…]


Contest fraud stinks

Hunting and fishing tournaments and contests are a big part of the outdoor industry. Though I never had any desire to participate in such competitions, many of my friends do and more power to them.[…]


Preparation meets opportunity

When selecting a monthly topic for Happy Trails, my usual goal is to write about something that will allow me to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained through more than 40 years of chasing whitetails. I also like to provoke thought and discussion about certain topics and issues.[…]



As we get deep into winter, many kayak anglers hang up their paddle, preferring to wait until the first signs of spring make thoughts of getting back on the water more appealing.[…]

Bass Fishing

Chikara crankbaits

Bass fishermen are tying on a hot product from Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. Surprisingly, it isn’t a soft plastic like the ever-popular Senko. In fact, it’s a hard bait with an attitude.[…]


Top-shelf Tackle

They haven’t invented any new fish that we’re aware of, but the fishing industry never lets us down in terms of new products to help us catch all those fish that we know and love.[…]

Freshwater Fishing

Spawning 101 for bream

When bream fishermen refer to bream “bedding up” they’re not speaking of bream going to bed to sleep. Actually, bedded bream are spawning bream — the most active of bream and, therefore, the easiest to catch.[…]

Inshore Fishing

Guide enjoys evening DuLarge bite

For a charter captain, fishing can be a little hectic.

With all the things they’ve got to think about each and every morning to ensure their customers have a fun and productive day on the water, the fun of fishing can sometimes be tough to recall.[…]