Bass Fishing

Lake D’Arbonne details

If you aren’t familiar with the details of making a trip to Lake D’Arbonne, no problem. The lake is located on the west side of Farmerville and is easily accessible from Monroe on Highway 165 North from West Monroe via Highway 15 or from Ruston on Highway 33.



Limited Time Offer — Late-spring fishing tips for D’Arbonne Lake crappie

We are constantly bombarded by television and radio commercials commanding us to “ACT NOW BECAUSE THIS OFFER WON’T LAST LONG!“

Although I hate to have to conjure up a picture of such gullibility, I can’t help but see an image in my mind of people running to their phones. I mean, this particular technique has to work or else marketers wouldn’t continue to use it.

Therefore, it is with much annoyance and even more embarrassment that I pass along the following information: The white perch have been up shallow at Lake D’Arbonne, and if you don’t act now, it will be too late because this offer won’t last long. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Deep is relative at Lake D’Arbonne

Deep is a relative term. If all the surrounding water is one or two feet deep, then a 4-foot channel winding through that shallow flat is deep. Therefore, bass anglers that think they have to fish deep during the summer don’t have to head to 20-foot channels. As is the case on Lake D’Arbonne, a 2-foot flat will do nicely as long as you fish the 4-foot hole. […]