To catch a poacher

One of the more memorable cases I recall working was during the mid-80s in Rapides Parish. It all started when the LDWF district lieutenant received a call from a state police narcotics officer in early September. […]


Less is more

Kayaking is often referred to as a “minimalist” sport. However, you’d never know it by looking at some of the pimped-out yaks with depth finders, GPS units, live-bait wells and enough tackle to outfit a charter boat. […]

Inshore Fishing


It’s rainbeaux trout time in the Baton Rouge area. Each winter, BREC stocks several of their ponds with the coldwater species. It takes a couple weeks for the fish to discover that aquatic bugs and minnows taste a lot better than marshmallows. […]

Inshore Fishing

Upcoming Events

Jan. 12 — Advanced Fly Tying Workshop – Mono Flies. Baton Rouge, location TBA. 8:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m. No cost. Pre-registration required as limited to 15 students. Sponsored by the Red Stick Fly Fishers. […]


Bark up the right tree – How to make the most of squirrel hunting with dogs

Somewhere inside the small patch of woods surrounded by sugarcane fields, Hoke hunted. Maybe no more than 20 acres in size, if you flew over it the woodland would resemble a postage stamp stuck in the middle of an envelope.

A mix of hackberry, swamp maple, water and pin oaks, the isolated habitat wasn’t large enough to support a deer population, but it’s perfect for big red fox squirrels.

Hoke was used to the terrain, having hunted it before. There’d be no surprises on the afternoon. The goal was simply to spend a couple of hours hunting on a day already short because of winter, and if all went well the day would culminate with shooting a couple of the tree dwellers for the pot. […]