Delacroix de’ja vu

De’ja vu. We get the expression from the French, and it means “already seen.” It’s the feeling that you’ve been there before, experienced something previously or seen the same thing on some former occasion. […]

Inshore Fishing

Delacroix trout smackdown continues

It was drizzling when I stepped out of my truck at Sweetwater Marina early Monday (Dec. 5), the first signs of a front that was barreling through the state. I just shook my head, wriggled into my rain suit and headed to meet the two guys I’d be fishing with that morning.

I had told Scott Walker that I didn’t want to waste a day out of the office because I was slammed, and he had promised me it wouldn’t take long to fill our limits of speckled trout.

His confidence was more than braggadocio: I was back at the dock barely more than two hours later, loading up an ice chest full of speckled trout and heading back to the office. […]