Pam Streeter
Deer Hunting

Making the big bucks

The past several seasons, big buck contests and social media posts have exploded with impressive photos of true trophy bucks, more than most anyone can remember in the recent past.  […]

Deer Hunting

Cashing in on big bucks

Pam Streeter works in the banking business, and she plays in the woods. But she’ll tell you the same principles for making “big bucks” apply in both worlds. […]

Deer of the Year

Big Bossier Parish buck goes down on warm, windy day

Last Saturday, Nov. 18 dawned warm and blustery — not exactly great conditions for deer hunting because movement is normally at a minimum in that type of weather. When the rut is on, however, a buck will often lower its guard — leaving the safety of thickets when an estrus doe has captivated its attenti […]

Deer of the Year

Brother-sister duo downs big Madison Parish bucks

Dr. David McGehee is a Ruston-based pediatrician whose family owns a prime piece of property in Madison Parish. His two adult children don’t have the opportunity to deer hunt often, but both capitalized this season after their dad let a couple of big deer slip through his fingers. […]

Deer of the Year

Ophthalmologist sights in big 183-inch Mississippi buck

Dr. Jeffrey Lusk is one year away from joining his dad and brother in their Shreveport ophthalmology clinic, but his training in Dallas has kept him away from his hunting club all season long. 

So Lusk made up for lost time in a big way last weekend when he hit the mother lode and downed a huge 16-point buck on Saturday.