On offshore patrol

Louisiana’s wildlife enforcement agents patrol some very diverse land and water habitat in the sportsman’s paradise. From hills and creek bottoms to river and coastal plains, from freshwater lakes and streams to fresh and brackish water marshes wildlife agents cover it all.[…]

Freshwater Fishing


Ask any veteran fly angler and they’ll tell you that August is perhaps the toughest month of the year for fly fishing in Louisiana — with three very notable exceptions.[…]

Offshore Fishing

Amberjack’s family tree

Dark-brown backs, white bellies, a faint golden stripe running nose to tail and a distinctive dark line that reaches from the eye to the anterior (front) dorsal fin are some of the defining marks of a greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili).[…]

Freshwater Fishing

Swamp studz?

The lean and tanned 24-year-old had just graduated college with a degree in engineering technology, but you would have to talk to him a long time before that turned up in the conversation.[…]