Upper Empire

The poor guy was blinking, shaking his head and seemed to be screaming. My passenger window was rolled up, and Bobby’s radio was BLARING Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” — “How does it FEEE-EEL!” — at 1972 Warehouse levels so I couldn’t be sure. […]


Under Exposed

“Uncle Johnny, you didn’t wrestle a bear,” my nephew Ryan McLellan said in a hunting camp a few years ago when I told him the story of the night I wrestled a 450-pound Canadian black bear and pinned him to the mat until the count of 10. “That’s a lie, or at best, it’s one of your tall tales.” […]


Wisner project shows benefits of CRP

The Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) provides the largest source of money to support wetland restoration activities in Louisiana. However, various federal agencies have programs that also provide a source of funds for restoration-related activities. […]


Don’t waste your fish-finder’s abilities

Do you see all the detail that your fish finder’s screen can show you, or only part of it? Making the best possible use of your screen’s pixels helps you see subtle changes in bottom contour; differentiate between weeds, brush and submerged timber; see individual fish holding close to the bottom and each other; and estimate fish size more accurately. […]


Disregarded Reggio

Reggio has to be the Rodney Dangerfield of fishing destinations; it gets absolutely no respect. It’s ignored, overlooked and disregarded by a vast majority of anglers even though its located smack dab in the middle of two of the most popular launching sites in all of Southeast Louisiana. […]


Child’s Play

Well, let’s try this again,” I said as Clay pushed the boat out from the muddy Dugdemona river bank. This was the second time in a week that my cousin Clay Scoggin, his son Jake and I had come here to participate in a North Louisiana springtime ritual: yo-yo fishing. […]


Big Lake Migration

Calcasieu Lake calls out to trout anglers like whale-rich waters beckoned Ishmael and Captain Ahab. The lure of landing a trophy or just the pure mystery behind why it is such a strong speckled trout producer summons anglers from hundreds of miles out. […]


Island Boys

Spring coastal fishing means different things to different people.An increasing number of anglers look forward to breaking out of the winter doldrums with an eye on quality speckled trout on flats or stalking redfish when their favorite ponds hold enough water. […]