First fish is all it takes to give Baton Rouge veteran fishing fever

Veteran Eric Crew with a fine bull red, his first fish.

We were proud to be able to invite local Baton Rouge resident Eric Crew, a veteran who served in the Army for six years with two tours to Afghanistan, on his first ever fishing trip recently.

We headed to the Rigolets for a trip neither of us will ever forget.

We spent the morning with no luck, scouting around for a few new fishing holes. I eventually decided to try a hole I came across on an earlier trip with some luck.

The tide was running out hard and we struggled to get the boat into a secured position. Finally, we got set. I gave instructions to Eric about where to cast and what to do. He did his job well. Within moments, Eric had his first ever fight on the line, which turned out to be a nice bull red. That excitement got even better in the next few minutes.

We were able to nearly limit out on reds within 30 minutes at that single location. Eric now has an insight of the addiction and passion of fishing, felt the excitement, and expressed interest to buy a boat of his own now.

Now, that’s the way you do it.

– Christopher Baumann