Marsh Man Masson vid: Speckled trout? Inside? In summer? Oh, yeah!

Fish making major move early

Autumn is still officially a month away, but Louisiana’s speckled trout don’t seem to realize that. The fish have already begun to move into shallow marshes in the eastern Lake Pontchartrain Basin, and probably other areas as well.

After getting a tip that some fish had moved inside, I set out this week to see if I could get any to bite topwaters or soft-plastics. Although the air felt nothing like October, the fish were acting like they were filling their trick-or-treat bags, providing good action in waters that are normally devoid of keeper speckled trout this time of year.

Check out the video for all the details, and please give it a thumbs-up and subscribe to Marsh Man Masson on YouTube. Also, leave a comment here or on the YouTube page. Have you ever caught good numbers of keeper speckled trout inside in the month of August? If not, what’s the earliest you typically encounter them in your marsh honey holes?

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