Hemphill guide catches Toledo Bend 11.03-pounder

Mansue reels in lunker on a Keitech swimbait at the Indian Mounds

Guide David Mansue enjoyed a couple of good days with clients last week on Toledo Bend’s waters.

On Monday, March 21, one of his anglers took an 8.6-pounder on a Carolina rig while fishing in the mid-lake area.

The 62-year-old guide from Hemphill, Texas had the same two gentlemen from Baton Rouge aboard with him the next day, and they targeted an area in the Indian Mounds.

“We started Tuesday catching a couple of small fish early again on a Carolina rig,” Mansue said.

The guide eventually picked up his Mag Heavy 7-foot Castaway Skeleton rod with a Keitech swimbait attached to a Mark Pack swimbait head. The swimbait was tied to 17-pound Vicious fluorocarbon spooled to a Lew’s Super Duty reel.

“I was fishing a ditch with hydrilla on its sides in 10 feet of water,” Mansue said.  “I made about three casts with the swimbait – and then she ate it.”

As soon as Mansue set the hook, he knew he had a big fish on.

“I chased her quite a distance with the trolling motor,” he said. “I saw her come up once and knew right away she was a double-digit fish.”

The angler worked the huge bass as she dove and then came up twice more. Eventually he worked her to the side of the boat and lipped her aboard.

“I lifted her and felt how heavy she was — confirming she’d be a double-digit fish,” he said.

The angler placed the lunker in the boat’s livewell, and the group fished another hour.

“My clients caught another two fish going 8 pounds, so then we decided to head to Fin & Feather Resort for an official weight,” he said. “I did notice that she already had a tag in her.”

Mansue’s lunker officially weighed 11.03 pounds on Fin & Feather’s certifies scales. The big bass was eventually released, and Mansue’s fish became lunker No. 111 for the 2015-16 season of the Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program.

Mansue will receive a replica of his bass courtesy of the Toledo Bend Lake Association in mid-May.

A review of records revealed that Mansue’s bass was initially caught in January by angler Mike Nolen, when it weighed 12.11 pounds.

“This certainly proves that catch and release works for these big fish,” Mansue said.

Mansue can be reached through Johnston’s Guide Service at 409-579-4213.

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