A simple, quick and tasty fresh fish dish – in the microwave

Believe it or not, Gallo’s ‘InstaFish’ recipe tastes like it takes lots of prep time

By now, Capt. Mike Gallo is used to the skeptical looks he gets when he tells folks he’s going to prepare a taste-tempting, fresh fish dish — in his microwave oven.

“Everybody says the same thing,” said Gallo, with Angling Adventures of Louisiana in Slidell. “You can’t cook fresh fish in a microwave.

“But I tell you what, when people try it, there’s usually nothing left on the plate.”

And it really couldn’t be any easier to fix: from start to finish, including prep and cooking time, the whole thing takes a total of about five minutes.

Here’s how easy Gallo’s “InstaFish” dish is to create:

Just grab two paper plates and cut up your fresh fillets in chunks. (Gallo recommends fresh specks or redfish.)

Spray one plate with non-stick spray, place the fillets on the plate and liberally apply spray butter to each piece.

Shake on your favorite seasoning mix, cover with the second paper plate and microwave on high for about three to three-and-a-half minutes.

“I have a 1,000-watt microwave, and I’ve been cooking them for about three-and-a-half minutes,” he said.

Gauge the time accordingly and watch the fillets closely if you have a more- or less-powerful microwave.

The water in the fillets, combined with the spray butter, creates a moist, steamy, flaky, flavorful meal that’s literally ready to serve in a total of five minutes — including prep time.

“I think part of the secret is that second plate on top that keeps the fillets so moist,” he said.

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