The Delta Duck Seat Lounger

Entrepreneurship is alive and well on Atchafalaya Delta WMA, where two young men, Nick Gaurisco and Josh Gros, put to use their custom-designed adjustable duck seat.

Built from 6061 T6 aluminum pipe and 5056 aluminum plate, the all welded product is light enough to handle as part of the gear these young hunters haul into the marsh, and strong enough to last a lifetime.

The seat is adjustable for various-height people to sit comfortably in this tidal region, allowing hunters to use natural cover instead of building portable blinds or utilizing expensive boat blinds.

Additionally, there are now designated “walk-in-only” areas where no watercraft is allowed on certain WMAs, making a portable seat of this nature an absolute must as part of a duck hunter’s gear.

The seats that Gaurisco and Gros use stab into the sandy bottom of the Delta and provide a platform to rest when not shooting. Where ducks become educated and avoid platform-like blinds with even the best cover, often hunters who opt for natural cover will increase their chances to harvest a limit. The Delta Duck Seat Lounger may be just the ticket to allow you to sit in comfort on your next hunt.

For more information, contact Nick Gaurisco by calling (985) 714-0597 or Josh Gros by calling (985) 518-1329.

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