Escape the dark side

The key to a successful deer program is to keep the habitat productive for deer throughout the entire year, not just during the hunting season. In fact, when the hunting season comes around, deer growth and development is over, and it is now harvest time.[…]


Stupid horse

Scientists, I am convinced, have a droll sense of humor. It is most evident in the scientific names that they conjure up to hang on some poor creature. Take, for example, the king mackerel, Scomberomorus cavalla.[…]


Where y’ak?

Fall is the time of year when trout begin their transition from the outer bays and journey into the interior marshes. This is great news for kayakers, as limits of trout will be within easy reach of these people-powered craft.[…]


Mastering the Marsh

It was the perfect lease. After years of waiting, they had finally landed a prime duck-hunting lease, and opening day had arrived. As they waited in the pre-dawn darkness, they rehearsed their shots at the imaginary gray ducks and widgeon that would surely be swinging into the decoys when legal shooting time arrived — a mere 15 minutes away.[…]