Delta duck foods

One thing that makes the Delta Young Guns so successful is not only their youthful zeal and hardcore tactics, but also their knowledge of duck food.

And Atchafalaya Delta WMA is full of it.

From the preferred duck potato to widgeon and coontail grasses to the ornamental American lotus, the delta is full of feed for all species of wintering ducks. In addition to grasses, there are also numerous invertebrates that cling to the leaf and root systems of these plants.

The young guns lifted handfuls of plants to demonstrate the various preferred duck food in the pond we hunted. Like a buffet line at a chain restaurant, there are plenty of choices for ducks on the delta.

Whether food for divers or dabblers, the delta has it all, where a bag limit can include redheads, canvasbacks, scaup, teal, gadwall, widgeons, pintails and prized mallards.

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