6 shooting tips for better gun handling in the duck blind

  • Keep your gun at the ready, with the butt on the side you shoot from and the barrel pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always keep safety engaged when not shooting.
  • When getting settled in the blind, make sure the area around your feet is clear of objects or holes, giving you a stable platform from which to shoot.
  • Make sure your gun has a clear path to your shoulder without getting caught in blind material like netting or grass.
  • Ensure you have a clear path to swing the barrel once shouldered.
  • Always be mindful of your shooting zone, and if a bird leaves your zone, don’t follow it to your buddy’s — no matter how many leg bands the duck sports.

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About Darren Digby 66 Articles
Darren Digby has been hunting and fishing the marshes of Southeast Louisiana since childhood. He lives in Baton Rouge with his wife Ella.

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