Turkey photo and video contests begin

Registered users of LouisianaSportsman.com can win official Sportsman gear and Primos hunting equipment in the new Turkey Photo and Video Contests.

Just log onto LouisianaSportsman.com and click on the Turkey Contest link to add your photos and YouTube videos today.

Entering is easy, and you can enter as many times as you want. While anyone can make submissions, only registered users are eligible for the prize packs.

Images and videos of anything related to turkey hunting are acceptable, so be creative. We want to see trophy shots, turkey call details photos, videos of strutting turkeys, a father and son huddled together behind a blind – whatever best illustrates your day in the woods.

The best photo will be selected through a series of voting sessions, in which LouisianaSportsman.com users choose their favorites at the end of the season.

The video contest accepts YouTube videos, and the winner will be chosen based on the number of views during the contest period.

So log on today and win, but remember that only registered users are eligible for the prizes.