Super Yelper Turkey Call

Scratch box call is simple to use, highly effective

The Super Yelper Turkey Call is a two-piece scratch box call that every turkey hunter should have in their arsenal. Weighing less than an ounce, it’s easy to carry in a shirt pocket. And it’s just as easy to use. Yelps, clucks and purrs are simple to reproduce almost immediately even for first-time users. Other calls are also possible with minimal practice.

It’s one of the easiest calls to use and stays silent when walking through the woods, coming to life only when the hunter is ready.

The calls are available in numerous types of woods, all of which produce their own distinctive levels of tone.

The wooden calls have been handcrafted by two-time Grand National Champion call-maker Richard Shively since 1979 and are just as beautiful as they are effective at calling in even the wariest of gobblers.

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